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23. Los Angeles. Fashion. Art. Disneyland. I like to shop when I have no money.

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I forgot I had this. Oops. Also, what is this, Maggie? 2004 via MySpace?

1. One time I broke a television at a young age because I didn’t win a certain fight on “Street Fighter 2”. I was an angry child.

2. I don’t like slurpees from 7-11. I just don’t.

3. Since the men’s restroom is right next to break room at my job, I don’t like to poop there because I feel like everyone can hear me. Unless I’m dying and really need to. Which is rare.

4. It’s been about 3-4 years since I’ve locked my car keys in my car. I’m proud of myself.

5. My favorite thing about my last internship was the free iced coffee and gossip about celebrities. Yeah, the learning of what goes into being a fashion designer is cool. But iced coffee and chisme? Yes.

The Shining (1980)


Selena - No Me Queda Mas

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"She stole my heart and made me sing
She tore me limb from limb
I did not think that I could love
Or be loved that way again

Again, again

How glad I was to be myself
And use my heart once more
How glad I was to be a man
And love that girl that I adore

Adore, adore

Well my eyes shall see light again
And my heart shall bleed right again
Oh my eyes shall see light again
And my heart shall bleed right again.”

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